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Customized & Optimized Website Content Writing

Two Ways To Improve Your Website’s Effectiveness:

1) Increase Your Traffic

2) Turn Browsers Into Buyers

When you choose Eric Nixon as your web content writer, you accomplish both goals with professional, persuasive words aimed directly at your target market. That means more customers, higher sales, and a huge competitive advantage for your business.

How will I help you achieve those results?

•Optimize Your Site.
Maximize your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) using enhanced keyword integration.

•Attract Legitimate Potential Customers.
Use targeted, guideline-approved content to reach buyers who are looking for your specific products and services PLUS filter unwanted traffic and spammers.

•Create An “Action” Website.
Give your visitors a reason to stay and persuade them to call you now, order your products or services, and spend money with your company.

•Target Your Customers.
Provide visitors with the information they want instantly. In just a few seconds, they’ll scan your site, have their questions answered, and be compelled to dig deeper.

•Make Your Website Flow.
Use clear, targeted writing laid out in a logical, well-organized structure, allowing visitors to navigate effortlessly through your site.

•Separate Yourself From Your Competition.
Show your customers why you are the best choice, captivate their attention, and prevent them from exploring other options.

•Make Your Visitors Feel Appreciated.
Rather than a faceless, two-dimensional site, create a welcoming place with passion and personality that persuades your customers to stay, shop, enjoy, and return often.

Whether you’re a small business designing your first website, a large corporation looking to supercharge an existing website, or someone right in the middle, I can help you create the most powerful advertising tool your company will ever have – one that works 24 hours a day – every day – for many years to come.

I specialize in effective, down-to-earth, web content your customers can relate to – content that delivers new business and generates proven results.

Plus, I’m easy to talk to, great to work with, and surprisingly affordable.

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Still need more convincing? Okay, let’s chat a while longer.

If you’re still reading, I assume it’s because you a) need a new website b) need to get your existing website updated or c) are really bored and just like reading random stuff about website content. If your reason is a) or b), I can definitely help. If it’s c), perhaps you need a hobby?

Not so long ago, it was enough to have a flat, static website for potential customers to find your phone number or a map to your location. Now, with something like 350 million different websites vying for their attention, people need and expect so much more.

If you’ve seriously thought about the future of your website – what you want it to accomplish – now is the time to do something about it.

And I’m here to get you started.

Together, we can attract the customers you’ve been missing, give them a reason to call or click or shop, prevent them from straying to your competition, and deliver the kind of results you expect and need from your website.

That’s what targeted, optimized, professionally written web content will do for you.

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