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Are proposals, RFPs (Requests For Proposals), and case studies an important part of generating new business for your company? Are you overwhelmed by the time and effort it takes to assemble a winning proposal?

Most RFPs are written by lawyers, committees and government functionaries who seem determined to make the process of applying for a project as complicated and convoluted as possible.

Let me organize the process and deliver a clean, effective proposal that will bring you one step closer to success.

Here's what I'll do:

Crack The Code. Sort through the jargon and verbiage to focus on the key factors that will land you the job.
Assemble The Pieces. Generate a seamless proposal designed to sell your company’s experience, suitability, and advantages to the RFP decision makers.
Help You Succeed. Exponentially increase your likelihood of landing the assignment.
Speed The Process. Cut through the clutter of RFPs using my experience as a skilled proposal writer.
Save Time and Money. Reduce the countless hours you and your staff normally devote to working on proposals, cut your costs, and prevent you getting sidetracked from your current projects.

Before you jump in the proposal pool again, find out how I can simplify your life and save you money, too.

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Case Studies – Showcasing Your Success Stories

More and more businesses are discovering the tremendous value of custom-written “Case Studies.”

If you’re new to this area, a case study is simply a short synopsis of a project your company has successfully completed in the past - outlining the challenges and highlighting the positive results you delivered to your client.

Case studies can be used in a variety of applications:

Sales Tools For Prospective Clients
Website Testimonials

Creating an effective case study starts with engaging, compelling writing. Prospective clients will only be influenced by a case study if it entertains them and relates to their own needs and expectations.

Boring, poorly executed case studies not only won’t help market your business – they likely won’t even be read.

That’s why hiring a seasoned, focused, plain-speaking writer is so important.

Like any great marketing tool, a case study should sell your business – your expertise, your qualifications, and your desire to do great work for your clients.

What you need is clear, engrossing writing that hits your target readers right where they live – in the heart and in the mind.

Ready to have me write some straight-talking, sales-oriented case studies for you?

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