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The Eric Nixon Difference

Every writer has a distinctive style. Some are more formal, some are more
conversational and some - errr – well, my mother always said that if you can’t say
something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Then there’s my style. It’s persuasive without being pushy. Down-to-earth without
talking down. Friendly without sounding phony. And, most important, it’s truly

It’s a writing style that will accomplish what YOU want it to:

Delivering new clients to your business.
Converting your website browsers into buyers.
Keeping your valuable customers updated through a blog or newsletter.
Selling yourself in a cover letter or proposal.
Polishing up your own words until they shine like diamonds.

Is your writing right for me?

If you need a formal essay written, perhaps not. Other than that, absolutely yes.

Whether you’re the CEO of a large corporation or a student looking for her first job,
my writing can deliver the results you’re looking for – and make your life simpler.

Rather than stressing over every word and then still not being happy with the final
results, I’ll take the pressure off you by crafting great words that work great.

Think of changing your oil. When I owned my first car and was a whole lot younger,
I used to do it myself - cursing and swearing the whole time. It didn’t take long to
realize there was a reason people hired professionals to change their oil - people
who did it every day, knew what they were doing, and could complete the job better,
more efficiently, and with much less mess than I could.

That’s why people hire a professional writer. Whatever type of writing you need,
I can do it right - creating a script, letter, website, or proposal that’s crystal clear,
logically laid out, extremely effective, and cost-efficient.

It’s what I do – and I can do it for you. Please click below and discover how:

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