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Who Is Eric Nixon And Why Should I Hire Him?

The Writer

If you want the boring, resume-type details, here we go:

I’ve been a professional copywriter for almost 30 years. I’ve worked for television stations, independent production houses, news organizations, on-hold phone message companies and, of course, for myself.

I’ve also written for thousands of different clients - from local stores to national chains and international corporations.

The one constant through all the years is the way I treat my customers. Every single one is important to me – regardless of size, regardless of budget.

During the time I’ve been writing professionally, I’ve come up with creative marketing concepts that range from very serious to seriously insane.

No matter what the idea, the ultimate goal has always been to create something that’s truly effective. Something that makes your potential customers sit up, take notice – and BUY!

How I Got Here

When you’re a kid (or a teenager or even a young adult), people are always asking the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

There were certainly plenty of occupations I considered during my formative years, but the one constant has always been writing. Writing letters, articles, commercials, plays, essays, poetry, comics, Top Ten lists, grocery lists, and even “To Do” lists. Hey, if I could put it on paper or a typewriter or a word processor or a computer, I’d do it.

As I got older, I realized that all this writing could actually take me somewhere - could become my career.

I got a degree in English Literature – so I could learn to write “properly” and could discover a lot more about how other people write.

Next, it was off to college for a course in Radio & Television Broadcasting. It was there that I developed my skills as a journalist, scriptwriter, copywriter and all-around writer-guy.

After all that "edumacation", it was time to put everything I’d learned into action – working as a parliamentary reporter in Ottawa, a television producer/copywriter and an independent writer. During all those years, I’ve created things as diverse as press releases, webpages, documentaries, business/personal letters, articles, videos and thousands of commercials for clients of every size, shape, and description.

The Family Guy

As Joe Walsh once said, “Life’s been good to me.” If you’re too young or old to know who Joe Walsh is, just ignore that introductory quote. The point is, I’ve had a great life so far – and I love what I do.

My incredible (and incredibly patient) wife, Sherry, and I have been married for 25 fantastic years. She runs an awesome cake, candy and supply store called Isn’t Life Sweet (shameless plug) and has been making cakes for almost her entire life.

We have three amazing grown children (Andrew, Briana & Rebecca) who are scattered all over Ontario doing cool things with their lives.

Between running two businesses, it’s hard to find much personal time, but we try to make the most of what we have. Being part of our kids’ lives is a huge part of that.

Trying to keep up a century old beast of a home is another big part. As a freelance writer, it’s great being able to spend the majority of my days at home. Oddly enough, though, it hasn’t helped make a dent in my massive renovation list.

Music is a mega-passion with me. I’m listening to something brand new right now as I write this. If I had the time, I’d also be writing and playing music, too, but there are only 26 hours in a day. 24 hours? Dang, I’m in trouble now.

I’m a huge baseball fan and worship my beloved Toronto Blue Jays, despite them missing the playoffs for almost 20 straight years. (sighs). But, hey, give me any game involving any two MLB teams and I’m practically in heaven.

To compensate for all my sitting-around-writing time, I’m also a dedicated runner and fitness enthusiast. I love my writing chair but my butt muscles need a break once in a while. Plus, a little exercise is also good for the brain, don’tcha know?

As a writer, I also think it’s important to read a lot. Nothing makes you realize how little you know about writing or how tiny you are in the planet’s vast spectrum of scribes than reading an amazing piece of prose. Mesmerizing.

So, that’s my story. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better. I hope we have the chance to work together soon. If you like my style, I know I’m going to like yours.

Eric Nixon

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