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The value of quality writing

There’s no doubt. We’re living in a cost-conscious world.

We’ll shop around - driving from store to store or clicking through a bunch of websites - until we find what we’re looking for, at a price that’s seem fair. We’re not necessarily looking for the lowest price – most of the time we’re searching for the BEST VALUE.

How do YOU define those two words? If you’re like me, you want good quality that’s affordable.

So, if one of your questions reading through this website is, “Can I afford your rates?” my answer will be, “How can you not afford my rates?”

It shocks me that individuals and companies can spend, literally, thousands of dollars on their website design, television/radio advertising, and various other marketing expenses and, yet, spend virtually nothing on the writing and creative for these media.

Great Writing = Great Value

When you hire Eric Nixon to write for you, you’re choosing an experienced professional – and you’re paying a very reasonable price. If you settle for in-house, generic writing from the company where you purchase your media or get your web designs done, you are truly getting what you pay for.

On the other hand, if you want dynamic, persuasive writing that speaks directly to your customers, generates immediate response, and produces real, measurable results, the value for your writing will be worth exponentially more than what you paid for it.

A price that’s fair for both of us

Every writing job is unique. Some jobs require more research and more back-and-forth communication. Some are simple and straightforward. I try to be as accurate as possible when I’m quoting you a price, so you know exactly what you’re getting given the parameters you’ve laid out. Assuming those parameters are accurate, I do not go over-budget. What I say is what you pay!

However, if things change along the way and you’d like to alter your original direction or expand what we’ve already started, we’ll chat and work things out.

I want you to be happy – and the best way to achieve that is to deliver great writing - on time, within budget, on every project, big or small.

For general reference, here’s what you might expect to pay for my various services. Your exact quote may be lower or higher, but these are some rough guidelines:

TV/Radio Commercial Copywriting (per script) $75 - $250
Website Copy with SEO (per page) $145 - $220
Letters – Personal or Business (per letter) $120 - $250
Blogs/Short Articles (per piece) $100 - $200
Editing/Rewrites/Final Proofs (per page) $60 - $150
Brochures/Flyers (per project) $250 - $450
Video Scriptwriting (per project) Please Call
TV Direction/Production (per project) Please Call
Press Releases/Additional Services Please Call

Your personal quote will be specifically created for your project. Included with the quote will be a short explanation of the work involved and the goals we’re trying to achieve.

There’s always some flexibility and I’m a reasonable guy who tries to get all my clients the very best value for their writing dollar. So, if you have any questions about your quote, let’s talk about it.

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