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Big or small, I’ll fix it all.

True story: Ever since I was a little mini-writer, I’ve had this strange, semi-supernatural ability to spot typos, spelling mistakes, duplicate words, etc. wherever I see them. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re in a book, television commercial, or print ad - it’s like they jump up and start screaming, “Fix Me!”

So, I might as well put this odd little quirk to work, right?

If you’ve written something you consider pitch-perfect and need me to give it a
quick read-through, send it over and I’ll get it back to you in a jiffy.

If you want it punched up or fleshed out, I can do that, too. I’ll take your own prose
to the next level and turn it into dynamic, error-free writing that (almost) takes your
breath away.

However, if you’re lost in the weeds and have a big scary monster of a project that
needs taming, I’m waiting for your call.

I’ll take whatever you’ve scrawled, scribbled, cobbled, or knocked off and give it a
complete rewrite from top to bottom.

We’re not talking a little polishing or sanding around the edges. I believe when
you ask for a rewrite, you deserve my full attention – not just fixing typos or
grammatical errors. I’ll deliver a perfectly crafted document that’s engaging,
effective, and ready to go.

Hire me to do all your editing or proofreading and you’ll be confident that you’re
sending the right message to your customers and the general public.

Here are a few more reasons to put me to work for you:

Cost-Saving – Ensure your printed material is 100% accurate before it goes
to print and that your advertising or correspondence is error-free.
Time-Saving – Avoid costly delays resulting from reprints, especially with
time-sensitive marketing or company documents.
Brand-Focused – Make sure all your marketing materials are
complementary and on-brand.
Persuasive – Take your error-free copy to the next level with action-
oriented writing that entices your readers or website visitors.
Targeted – Reach the audience you want by ensuring your copy is written
and directed to hit your precise demographic.

Generally, proofing and rewriting are super affordable – even for small companies.

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One more thought.

Proofs & rewrites are essential tools for any business – but they’re absolutely critical for international companies targeting English-speaking markets.

Don’t risk losing out on these potentially lucrative opportunities. Make sure all your written material is letter-perfect before you unleash it on the world.

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